“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; pray therefore the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”  

Matthew 9:35-38

Ministry Leaders
Diaconate Ministry Deacon Louis Laster, Jr.
Spiritual Development Reverend Cynthia Brooks
Trustees Ministry Sister Tawana Tiller
Music Ministry Brother Christopher Cox
Ushers Ministry Sister Annie Lee
Pastor’s Aides Ministry Sister Brenda Johnson
Youth/Children’s Ministry Minister Allison Ranta-Kiarie
“For His Glory” Dance Ministry Sister Stacey Tuck
“Princesses of Praise” Dance Ministry Sister Stacey Tuck & Sister Vanessa Butcher-Hopkins
Evangelism Ministry Sister Alicia Coleman
Women’s Ministry Sister Adell Cothorne, Sister Ashley Richburg
Drama Ministry Minister Allison Ranta-Kiarie
Men’s Ministry Brother Jonathan Simpson

Our Ministries

Deacons Ministry

Mission: To develop, cultivate, and strengthen the body of Christ through the following relationships:
Relationship with the Savior
Relationship with the shepherd
Relationship with the saints

Trustees Ministry

Mission:  To act as managers of the church; being persons of the Word having spiritual sensitivity through consistent worship, teamwork and with open accountability for the management of the church and its finances. They also work to maintain the general maintenance of the building.

Music Ministry

Mission:  Praise the Lord!  The Music Ministry helps to prepare the hearts of the God’s people and prepare an atmosphere that invokes the presence of God which allows his spirit to take control, open the hearts and lifts the spirit of the people. This will ultimately bring us together on one accord in worship.

Children’s Ministry

Mission:  To foster the spiritual growth of each child by creating a fun atmosphere for learning about the Bible through art, music, play, reading and math.

Dance Ministry

Mission:  The Dance Ministry is affectionately known as “For His Glory”.  They are committed to spreading the good news of the gospel through interpretative dance and movements.  This ministry ushers in the Holy Spirit through dance and glorifies our Savior.

Princesses of Praise Dance Ministry

MissionThe Angels of Praise is to teach our children to minister and enrich the lives of the people in praising and worshipping God through the expression of modern dance.

Youth Ministry

Mission:  To empower our youth to be active members of the body of Christ through learning the Word of God, serving God and teaching others about God.

Ushers Ministry

Mission:  To be obedient and willing servants by greeting and assisting our members and visitors. They are responsible for bringing comfort, compassion and the spirit of God’s blessings to all who enter the church doors.

Evangelism Ministry

MissionTo share the “Good News” The Gospel of Jesus Christ; with the purpose of leading others to Salvation.

Pastor’s Aide Ministry

MissionTo be caretakers of the angel that God has set in our midst in and out of the pulpit.  To take care of him, love and embrace his vision to make us better fit for God’s ministry.

Drama Ministry

MissionCommitted to the power of the Holy Spirit inspiring, leading and guiding the creation of original, powerful, life changing productions to be performed with the intent of bringing glory to God and bring the word of God to life.

Women’s Ministry

MissionTo minister to the needs of the women by promoting spiritual growth and fellowship, encouraging the development of strong relationships and fostering sisterhood among all women of Omega.

Men’s Ministry

Mission:  To make a change in the lives of men and boys by sharing and exemplifying the love of Jesus Christ.